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Aspectek Home Sentinel - The Original Home Sentinel Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 5 in 1
Aspectek Home Sentinel - The Original Home Sentinel Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 5 in 1
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Get rid of mice, repel spiders and drive other pests out of your home with the Home Sentinel. Developed by Aspectek, the company that invented ultrasonic, electromagnetic & ionic pest control (US Patents 5,473,836 & 5,990,783), the original Home Sentinel is the most advanced indoor ultrasonic pest control device available. Do not settle for second best. Try the original Home Sentinel RISK FREE with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & "Live in Peace, Pest-Free".

Repel Pests:

Repels INDOOR PESTS: ant, aphid, bat, bed bug, beetle, centipede, cricket, earwig, flea, fly, insect, louse, mice, mouse, mite, mosquito, rat, roach, rodent, scorpion, silverfish, spider, termite, tick... and MORE!

Where to Use:

Home, office, warehouse, restaurant, hotel, school, store, food storage or other indoor areas.

What Makes it Unique:

Are rats and mice ruining your home? Or are you still waking up in the morning feeling disgusted by the number of bug bites you received from sleeping in your bed
? Thousands of home owners, hotel owners, gym facility owners, restaurants, and business owners shared the same problems until they found the BEST rodent and insect repeller designed to protect your home. Unlike the competition, our product doesn't just repel rodents and insects effectively, but it seeks out and eliminates the original source that attracted them. We’ve included exclusive features that no others have!


Five-in-one pest repeller device

Three Pest Repelling Technologies

(1.) Third Generation True Electromagnetic Wave: Assualts the rodent's nervous system with every wave
(2.) High Pressure Ultrasonic PRO: Startles and frightens away insects and other pests
(3.) Ionic Air Purifier: Eliminates everyday negative bacteria that can build up and attract rodents and insects

  • LED bright blue night light: With three settings to suit your convenience
  • 3 LED function status lights
  • High pressure ultrasonic sound wave
  • Pet Friendly setting (New feature)
  • Distance up to 5,000 sq. feet
  • Kills bacteria
  • Repels most indoor pests and insects, especially rodents
  • Power: AC 110V 60 Hz (also available in 220/240V)
  • Direct plug-in
  • Maintenance free
  • 30 day money back GUARANTEED plus one year manufacturer's warranty!


The Home Sentinel by Aspectek is the only repeller on the market that boasts four of the most advanced electronic pest control technologies in one affordable unit. It's completely silent, with tremendous ion-pumping power, heavy-pounding electromagnetic sound waves, automatic night light and high pressure pest-repelling ultrasonic sound waves. With the Home Sentinel, there are no ongoing costs of spraying your home and no messy mouse traps to clean up. Simply plug it in! Safe and humane for humans, pets and even pests!

The Three Most Advanced Pest Repelling Technologies In This Device:

1. High Pressure Ultrasonic pro
Our exclusive High Pressure Ultrasonic Pro is unlike any ultrasonic you find in other pest repellers. The High Pressure Ultrasonic Pro has been proven superior because of its variable pulse generator which includes additional ultrasonic effects by emitting an extra range of fluctuating sound, so pests won't become accustomed to the sound. The High Pressure Ultrasonic Pro also utilizes a high pressure ultrasonic sound that is higher than the human hearing range. This pest repelling technique emits a disorienting pulse that startles and frightens away insects and rodents from your home or office. Imagine a police siren and how the pounding rise and fall of the sound frequencies are impossible to ignore. Your indoors are turned into a cacophony of deterring noises that start warding off pests immediately. This pest repelling method is environmentally-friendly, safe and harmless to pests and pets. You can rest comfortably knowing you are ridding yourself of pests in a nontoxic manner.

2. Third Generation True Electromagnetic with U.S. Patent
The newest electromagnetic waves send frequency signals traveling through the wires in your home creating a pulsating vibration only small pests can detect. The shifting frequency irritates rodent’s nervous systems while the aggravating vibrations disturb insect receptors. Because the electromagnetic signals are intermittently turned on and off every few seconds, pests are unable to build a tolerance so they flee the area. Since most homes and offices have wiring running throughout the walls, this type of pest control transforms your entire establishment into a giant pest repeller. Electromagnetic pest control uses the existing wiring within your walls to irritate and scare away insects and rodents, while turning their breeding grounds into a hostile environment. Unlike most traditional pest repellers that require chemical sprays and hazardous toxins, the electronic pest controls are animal friendly and completely safe to use around your family and pets. This unique electromagnetic technology change is normal, and this revolutionary technology will not affect your electronic devices or increase your wiring's own electromagnetic energy. If you have an insect or rodent for a pet, we recommend you do not use electronic pest control devices.

3. Ionic Pest Control Technology
This two-in-one ionic pest control technology cannot just scare away rodents and unwanted insects, but can also act as an air purifier. Ions are electrically-charged atoms and are commonplace throughout our atmosphere. Negative ions are produced naturally by lightning before a storm – an extremely daunting sensation. Animals are naturally sensitive to negative ions. Long before a lightning storm strikes, insects and rodents sense a change in the environment and look for protection away from the storm. Ionic pest repellers mimic the electric charge of an incoming storm throughout your entire establishment, transforming your indoors into a hostile environment. Pests become confused and frightened and seek shelter far from the range of any ionic pest control products. Besides making your indoors a fortress against pests, the negative ions constantly purify the air you breathe. In fact, part of the reason things smell so fresh after a lightning storm is due to the negatively charged ions in the air. The ionic technology used in our electronic pest control products takes pest control and air purification to the next level. By eliminating odors in the air, pests are less likely to be attracted to your floors and counters. Food crumbs and grease accumulating behind your oven may be difficult for you to see, but the smells are pest magnets. The combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic pest control technology means our products are the best and most effective electronic pest control products available.

The First In Its Industry:

The Home Sentinel by Aspectek is the ONLY indoor pest repeller that offers as many as five functions in one repeller. It is the preferred and by far the most popular pest repeller on the market. We have introduced new functions such as the exclusive night light, plus our Ionic Air Purifier and three-and-one pest repelling technologies. Instead of having the night light on at all times, we extended the product's life span by adding the most technically advanced functions which allow the night light to turn itself on during the night and off during the day. Or it can also be manually set on OFF or CONTINUOUS. This will not just save you some money, but also extend the product's life span for future use. Then, our product developers turned their talents toward improving the pest repelling technologies with the introduction of the pet-friendly setting. Most pet cats, dogs and birds cannot hear the pest repeller on the regular setting. However, some animals have very sensitive hearing due to age, size or breed. That's why we incorporated the pet-friendly setting, which turns off the ultrasonic so your pet can enjoy the home in peace, while the electromagnetic and ionic features work to drive pests away. 

 Insect Protection Bundle Deal

 Insect Protection Bundle Deal


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